Genshagen Trilateral Summer School 2016 on 20 – 29 July 2016

By Anonyme | 9 May 2016

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On July 20-29 2016 the fifth Genshagen Trilateral Summer School will take place. Students from Germany, France and Poland respectively will gather at castle Genshagen close to Berlin for ten days in order to discuss,from their various perspectives, a topic of European relevance.

This year's topic will be "European Migration and Refugee Policy: Perspectives for a Common Approach"

Since 2015, Europe finds itself confronted with a massive influx of refugees from several conflict regions in the world. The recent debates in the countries of the Weimar Triangle have shown that views in France, Germany, and Poland on how to react to the influx of migrants and refugees differ greatly. Taking these differences as a starting point, the participant will discuss the issues together with university teachers and representatives from think tanks with a special expertise in the field of migration and refugee policy.

For further information about the application procedure, please visit the website of the foundation

As well as the Facebook page of the Summer School:

The deadline for applications is 22 May.

Nouvelle Europe, who took part in the Summer School a few years ago, highly recommends it to you !