Apply for Operation New Youth - ON YOUTH (training course in Turkey, 23-31 August 2014)

By Tanguy Séné | 29 July 2014

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Nouvelle Europe partners with YouthQuake to organise Erasmus +-funded event ON YOUTH (23-31 August 2014 in Erdine Turkey), a training course on promoting intercultural awareness and cooperation towards fighting against marginalisation of culturally excluded social groups. Food and accomodation provided, travel costs reimbursed! Apply before August 5th 2014.

Eligible nationalitiesCyprus, France, Italy, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom

You can apply following this link

Overall Aim of the Training Course

To raise awareness, among young people and youth workers, on the concept of culture and the extent to which culture has an effect on the exclusion of certain groups in society, with a focus on People with Disabilities, Refugees and the Roma Community. In addition, to find intercultural and sustainable solutions in order to fight against discrimination and enhance social inclusion.

Objectives of the Training Course

• To define culture and to define the role culture and cultural expectations play in equality and in the determination of socially disadvantaged groups.
• To define which groups are disadvantaged in society and identify the reasons why they face cultural disadvantages.
• To define stereotypes and prejudices and to understand to what extent these are influenced by culture.
• To define whether People with Disabilities, Refugees and Roma people can be classified as a socially disadvantaged group and if so the reasons why and what cultural disadvantages do they face.
• To raise awareness on the cultural differences that exist between different European countries and to what extent this impacts the minorities’ socially inclusion or exclusion in different societies.
• To find sustainable solutions in order to promote social inclusion of discriminated minorities such as People with Disabilities, Refugees and Roma people by raising awareness on stereotypes and prejudice.
• To involve participants in coming up with new ideas for projects that aim to strengthen solidarity, democracy, and friendship between youth and to limit and battle marginalisation of disadvantaged groups in a local, national and international level. 
• To create a successful professional network among the participants and to promote cooperation between them in the future.
• To become active volunteers and active EU Citizens and to gain European awareness.
• To become respectful and tolerant towards cultural diversity and differences, to avoid racism and xenophobia

Who can participate?

• Participants must be 18 years old and above. 
• Participants must be able to communicate in English, as it will be the working language of the Training Course.
• Youth workers, trainers, project managers directly working with marginalised young people, experienced in international youth exchanges.
• Participants are expected to actively participate in all program activities and therefore must be able to do so.


Food and accommodation will be provided and paid by the organizers. Travel costs of the participants will be reimbursed by bank transfer after the course, based on the travel distance per participant in accordance to the new rules of the Erasmus+ Programme as follows:

France: €360 
Cyprus: €275 
United Kingdom: €360 
Italy: €275 
Romania: €275

There will be a €30 participation fee.

Travel costs means all costs (including visa costs) to get from the participants’ home to the project venue and back to home. The participants will have to bring with them all of their original tickets, receipts and boarding passes and copies of their travel documents (passports, identity cards) as we will collect all of them at the end of the training course. In addition participants are required to send us all of their original return tickets, receipts and boarding passes within 1 week of their departure from the training course otherwise we will not be able to refund them.


Source: YouthQuake