Cesy Leonard (Center for Political Beauty): “How easy would it be to end the endless death toll – but we do not do it!”

By Annamária Tóth | 2 November 2015

A bridge from North Africa to Europe to save the lives of thousands of people dying in the Mediterranean. What sounds like a concrete political decision to end the humanitarian catastrophe at Europe's shores is in fact the most recent art work by the Berlin-based Centre for Political Beauty. Interview with the Centre's Chief of Staff Cesy Leonard by Annamária Tóth

From Turkey, in the riots

By Anonyme | June 11 2013

There are many examples of governments who put pressure on their citizens in various ways; some more brutally and some less. There are also many examples of situations (also in recent history) when citizens had enough and after a collection of many incidents, the smallest thing triggered a chain reaction, led to huge protests, and ended up changing the politics or the policies of the country.