Simulation of the European Parliament in Burgundy School of Business

By Alexandra Yaghil | 11 November 2012

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On October 12th, 2012, Nouvelle Europe transformed a group of 25 students, mainly from America and Asia, into one-day members of the European Parliament. Their goal: auditionning a candidate to the position of European Commissioner for Energy.

A successful experience!

Following lively negotiations within their political groups, the apprentice deputies vigorously tested the candidate with a series of questions and proceeded to the vote.

Nouvelle Europe is profundly convinced that this type of playful approach of real-life events is one of the best ways to promote European integration. Simulating a parliamentary session is a first-hand experience of the functionning of European institutions allowing also to a better understanding of political negotiations in general.

It is a successful first for Burgundy School of Business (ESC Dijon) and for Nouvelle Europe who organized a simulation for the first time in English. We would like to thank all the participants to the simulation and all those who helped in its organization. 

Nouvelle Europe's programme of simulation

Our programme called "S(t)imulation européenne" was born in 2008. It was created in order to increase high-school students awareness of EU functionning and energy issues.

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