A “post-Brexit Visegrad”

By Andreas Pacher | May 4 2016

The distance between Visegrád and Brussels is around four times larger than the distance between London and Brussels. But such fourfold aloofness can be overridden if the four were to act together. In any way, the articles here presented show that Brexit and Visegrad are so much intertwined that it pays to dedicate oneself to some background information – and this dossier offers just as much.

Challenges to the Left-Right Cleavage in Europe

By Anonyme | May 26 2014

“Modern politicians are all the same”, says the Scottish satirist Rory Bremner. Are they really? Apropos of the European and some coinciding national elections, articles in this issue will examine this statement and the truth it comprises. Do today’s voters have genuinely different options between parties, politicians and policies? Choices they can make on a left-right scale? 

2014 : A manifold turning point for Europe ?

By Anonyme | February 15 2014

In 2014, the European Union (EU) enters into its 6th year of economic crisis and therefore also into the 6th year of attempts at implementing feasible structural reforms in crisis countries and finding efficient governance solutions to prevent another comparable disaster from occurring in the future. The elections for the European Parliament have so far received most of the attention, but the European Union will face quite a few tasks well before and beyond that.

Why can we still be (pro-)European today?

By Piera Sciama | May 9 2013

May 9th, today is the 68th birthday of the EU. Allow us, then, to honour this institution. After an alarming thematic on the disintegration of Europe, the London team decided to celebrate the European Day by remembering Europe's achievements.

European disintegration? The European Project in the crisis

By Claire Bravard | February 4 2013

Prime Minister Cameron’s speech a week ago, explaining how – if he is re-elected – he will organize a referendum during the first half of his mandate on the European issue, was an additional hint that the EU might be on the verge of experiencing something very new: an exit instead of an accession, a shrinking instead of an enlargement of the Union.

The American elections and transatlantic implications

By Marta Palombo | November 6 2012

This 6 November the whole world will be looking at the United States of America to see who will finally win the presidential race. Nouvelle Europe is a think tank dedicated to European affairs, but we think that the American elections matter for Europe too. This is why we have chosen to focus this month’s dossier on the connection between the two sides of the Atlantic.

From division to Union : Europe's missing 20%

By Florian Chevoppe | November 16 2011

This month, the French and English-speaking redactions of Nouvelle Europe team up to bring you a fresh look of the issues faced by some of the nations in the Balkans, most of which are now on the path to European integration.

European memory from the Bosphorus

By Capucine Goyet | September 26 2011

Last June Nouvelle Europe followed in the tracks of the Orient-Express to Istanbul. From Europe to Turkey, from Paris to Istanbul, not only was the trip geographical, but it was also historical. To what extent have the successive EU enlargements reassessed European memory? Why speak of an “entangled history and memory between the EU and Turkey?” Nouvelle Europe co-organized a one-day conference with Professor Ayhan Kaya and his team from the European Institute of Bilgi University to discuss these two issues.