Štefan Füle: The new European diplomatic service viewed from the inside

By Filip Kostelka | 13 December 2010

How the new European diplomatic service is viewed from the inside of the Commission? In order to get a better sense of this new organ, Nouvelle Europe had the privilege to ask the question directly to Štefan Füle, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy. This interview gives us some (hopeful) insights into the working of the “family” composed by the Commissioners for External relations.

Green Growth: Chris Huhne on the British government’s new policy

By Victoria Volossov | 8 December 2010

Linking economic recovery with environmental responsability is a tricky issue for European governments. Yet it is one they cannot avoid. Several strategies can increase energy efficiency in the United Kingdom. Chris Huhne, the British Secretary for Energy and Climate Change,  made his case at a public lecture at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Gareth Nellis: What's so special between the UK and the US?

By Gizem Ozturk Erdem | 30 November 2010

 Many argue nowadays that the importance of the UK/US relationship has lessened with the end of the Cold War. On 26th June 2010, Damon Wilson, President of the Atlantic Council and Director of the International Security Program, claimed that “following 60 years of cooperation and success, the political, economic and military pillars of the special relationship are stressed today”. How the special relationship can adapt to new challenges?

Have Poles left the UK in the aftermath of the financial crisis?

By Marion Soury | 23 November 2010

After the 2004 Eastern enlargement, Poles immigrated massively to the UK and account today for the largest part of the country’s migrant population from Central and Eastern Europe. In the wake of the financial crisis followed by the economic downturn that harshly struck the UK, studies claim that Polish nationals have, for the most part, gone back to their home country. But is this assumption backed by evidence? And what are the perspectives regarding Polish immigration to the UK?


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