SFEB's European Week ahead!

By Philippe Perchoc | 4 February 2013

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Students for Europe – Brussels is a non-profit student organization. Founded in 2000 by students from the joint master in European studies of the Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) and the Universités Saint Louis Bruxelles (USLB), the SFEB aims to gather young Europeans within its main event: “the European week”.

Proud of having been the Belgian winner for the Charlemagne Prize for European Youth in 2012, Students for Europe – Brussels wants to renew its European week with the wish to help young generations to have a better understanding of policy-making in the European Parliament. Thus, it organizes a simulation of the day-to-day work of Members of the European Parliament.

As a participant, you will experience the concrete daily activities of the European Parliament during one week: amending actual European Commission’s proposals, being divided in political groups and parliamentary committees…

This year, the SFEB is expecting one hundred participants, at least.

NB : As the participants are coming from different countries, the whole simulation will be in English.

The European Week

  • Crash course : You will begin your European week by two introduction courses on the functioning of the EU institutions, given by UCL teachers.
  • Simulation : During three days, you will have a political debate about on-going EU legislation by proposing amendments and trying to make strategic political alliances.
  • Plenary session : After these harsh and deep political debates, the plenary session comes to conclude the simulation. There, you will vote the amendments, following the real procedures. The European Parliament will host the plenary session of the European week 2013.
  • Conferences: Two conferences are organized during the week. The opening one will take place on the university campus of Louvain-la-Neuve, with a focus on the (ending ?) European economic crisis. Philippe Maystadt (former president of the European Investment Bank), Jean de Ruyt (former permanent representative of Belgium in the Council) and Frans van Daele (Herman Van Rompuy’s head of cabinet until November 2012) will share with you their original points of view on the EU’s most dangerous crisis. The second one will take place in Brussels, at the Saint Louis University, and will reflect upon the future of enlargement policies after Croatia’s accession.  
  • Visits, networking and parties : You will be invited to visit Brussels’ European district during a whole day, led by Brussels’ insiders. You will thus discover EU institutions as well as top networking locations such as the famous “place du Luxembourg”.

The SFEB aims to link European students together. To make this happen, you will be invited to parties during the whole European week in Brussels and elsewhere.

Key points :

  • When ? From the 16th to the 23rd of March 2013.
  • Who can participate ? Any student interested in European Union issues, from any country (even non-EU states).
  • Where to sleep ? During the application process, you can ask us to book you a youth hostel in Brussels or you can find it on your own.
  • How to come to Brussels ? The transport fees are on you, so we remind you that the bicycle is cheap.
  • What are the participation fees ? The participation fees are 70€, and if you need us to book a hostel for you, we will ask you for 170€ in total. NB: we will do our best to provide you with cheap food and drinks for lunch times.

Contact :

Website : www.sfeb.eu (under construction until mid-February)

Email : contact.sfeb@gmail.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/SfebContact