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About Nouvelle Europe

Since 2003, Nouvelle Europe has continuously organized conferences, debates and s(t)imulation seminars about the EU and its neighbourhood. They took place with professionals, students and school classes all over Europe and beyond - from London to Kaliningrad, from Paris to Dnipro, from Brussels to Istanbul. As Nouvelle Europe was founded just one year before the 2004 Eastern enlargement of the EU, the effort to deepen mutual understanding of 'Europe au sense large' lies at the heart of this project.

Its online journal likewise follows an international and interdisciplinary outlook. We provide informed analyses and reflections on the EU and its neighbourhood in both French and English, often embodied in individual articles, but also in the format of a 'Dossier' - i.e. a set of articles revolving around a common topic. Since 2017, all articles within dossiers are based on academic readings so as to ensure a minimum quality in terms of substance and rigorosity.

Nouvelle Europe is tracked by Altmetric, meaning that all academic works we cite increases their impact measurement.



Balàzs Gyimesi - Président

Inga Chelyadina - Trésorière

Andreas Pacher - Redacteur en chef

Philippe Perchoc - Cofondateur, Secrétaire du Comité d'orientation


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Nouvelle Europe welcomes pitches and submissions of original articles about the EU and its neighbourhood. Please contact editor-in-chief Andreas Pacher (andreas.pacher@nouvelle-europe.eu). Please download the template for articles.