Summer School: “Russia and EU: Legal and Political Issues of International Cooperation”

Par Anonyme | 28 mai 2013

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At the EU Centre at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University of Kaliningrad (IKBFU) an International Summer School on “Russia and EU: Legal and Political Issues of International Cooperation” will take place from 22nd July to 9th August 2013.

Summer Law School offers five academic lectures with certificated closing exams (three in German and two in English language), each of them comprising 12 double hours counting 4 ECTS-credits, given by German university professors and assisted by Russian co-teachers.

The Summer School includes two sections: Law and Political Science.


The 22nd of July. Opening session

The 23rd of July – the 8th of August 2013

Programme of the European Law Section: 

Bezüge des Staatsrechts zum Europa- und Völkerrecht - Prof. Dr. Hans-Detlef Horn, University of Marburg

Europäisches Wirtschaftsrecht - Prof. Dr. Christoph Vedder, University of Augsburg

Das europäische Recht des geistigen Eigentums - Prof. Dr. Armin Höland, University of Halle

International Economic Law – WTO - Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur, LL.M., University of Hamburg

Human Rights Law in Europe – ECHR - Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Gilbert Gornig, University of Marburg

Working languages: English, German

Aim of the Summer Law School

In the first instance the participants shall gain effective insight in International and European Law issues, but also get the possibility to get into contact with foreign students and professors. Beside further academic education in actual and important topics to Europe and Russia the participants are introduced to acquire legal abilities and competence. The event also offers the special opportunity to prepare oneself for a study at a German partner university.

Courses of the Summer Law School

The participants have to enroll at least for two of the lectures offered (possible are up to four) and work within them actively. By attending continuously and solving the final examinations in at least two lectures a certificate will be accorded and four points under ECTS per lecture will be testified. Law students of the IKBFU may also acknowledge their successful participation as practical training.

Beside the course excursions and sightseeing tours as well as evening discussions and other cultural and social events will be jointly undertaken with all participants of International Summer School.

Programme of the Political Science Section:

Week 1. Introduction to Russia and EU International Cooperation (working languages: English, Russian)

Week 2. Russia and EU in Common Spaces (working languages: English, Russian)

Week 3. Contemporary methods in media world: experience of Russia and Baltic Sea countries (working language: Russian)

The 9th of August. Closing Ceremony

Costs of the Summer Law School

There are no fees demanded for the participation. The Summer Law School is supported by the EU Centre at IKBFU, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Centre of social and political studies "Russian Baltic". For external participants, guest beds in a student dormitory are provided without charges. Only dictionaries may be brought by the participants themselves.

Application to the Summer Law School

An application form is to be found at

Deadline: up to 1 of June, 2013.

Students from non-Russian parts of Europe need to have an entrance visa and should apply as soon as possible!


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