FEULA - A Summer School for EU young leaders

Par Philippe Perchoc | 27 mars 2012

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Nouvelle Europe is pleased to invite you to apply for the Future EU Leaders Academy (FEULA), an outstanding event gathering young Europeans from six countries for a one week seminar in Prague. Prospective leaders from different segments of society and from different parts of Europe will come together to discuss topics pertaining to EU’s current state and future prospects. Nouvelle Europe has teamed up with five think tanks to co-ordinate the event and will be selecting, in France, 6 participants.

What is FEULA?

The objective of the Future EU Leaders' Academy (FEULA) is to facilitate interaction, the exchange of ideas and arguments, and to foster a mutual understanding among prospective future leaders from five EU member states (the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Spain and Latvia) as well as one candidate country (Macedonia) in an interactive and innovative way, relating to key areas and challenges that the EU will have to tackle in the upcoming ten years.

The Academy will take place in Prague between the 28th of July and the 4th of August 2012. During the day, workshops, conferences and discussions will be held on key areas and challenges that the EU will have to tackle in the upcoming ten years. Each day will be devoted to a specific topic (e.g. the EU as a global actor, Democracy, Enlargement, Migration, Decision-making…). Social activities will also be organized in the evening in Prague, one of Europe’s cultural and historical highlight. A tentative version of the Academy’s program can be found here.   

In total 36 future perspective leaders will have the chance to participate to this one-week intensive seminar. Partner institutions will select 6 participants in their respective countries. The five European think tanks coordinating the Academy are::

  • EUROPEUM, Institute for European Policy, Prague. (Project leader and host organizer)
  • Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), Barcelona.
  • Centre for Research and Policy Making (CRPM), Skopje.
  • Institute of Public Affairs (ISP), Warsaw.
  • Nouvelle Europe, Paris.
  • PROVIDUS Centre for Public Policy, Riga.

Who can apply?

The target group of the project mark perspective future leaders, recruited from different segments of society. These segments include: youth associations affiliated to political parties, academics (post-graduate or PhD), civil society activists, journalists at the beginning of their career and, in general, people with a high potential to influence public policy decisions in the participating countries, as well as across the EU, in the coming ten years.

Nouvelle Europe will look to recruit a group of 6 participants with diversified profiles (occupation, affiliation, location, gender…). There are two indispensable prerequisites. First, participants must have an acute interest in EU affairs as well as a good knowledge on one or more of the EU-related thematics. Second, participants ought to have an excellent command of English, both spoken and written.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should send their CVs and cover letters to Prague2012@nouvelle-europe.eu. In the cover letter, which should be of approximately 350 words, candidates need to briefly emphasize how participating to FEULA would be both consistent with their past achievements and beneficial to their career development. The deadline for application is set to the 10th of April.

A second round will consist of phone/Skype interviews with pre-selected candidates. The interviews will be organized between the 14th and the 28th of April. The final results will be announced on the 30th of April. 


The organizers will cover all the costs in Prague: lodging, meals, local transportation and common social events.

Participants are expected to cover the costs for their travel from their home country to Prague and back.

Additional information

For additional information about FEULA you can visit the Academy’s website: http://www.feula.eu

Project coordinators for Nouvelle Europe: David Cadier and Philippe Perchoc. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us at: Prague2012@nouvelle-europe.eu.

For additional information about Nouvelle Europe please visit our website: http://www.nouvelle-europe.eu